Where can I find the game Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action adventure game. You can download the client on our website or install it on your PC (it will be available on April 26th, 2022).

Do I need an internet connection to play Mines of Dalarnia?

Yes. A stable internet connection is necessary to play Mines of Dalarnia.

Do I need to pay to play Mines of Dalarnia?

You can play Mines of Dalarnia’s free demo without creating an account or paying any fees. However, to have access to the game and its Play-And-Earn features you will have to use DAR on several occasions.

Is Mines of Dalarnia pay-to-win?

The project does not sell items that give a competitive advantage. Players can, however, buy and sell items and resources from each other.

Can I play Mines of Dalarnia on PC with a controller?

Yes. We support controllers on PC.

How do I report a bug or give feedback regarding the Mines of Dalarnia?

Please use the Support button on our website. Or you can fill in the Form: Feedback

What do the Hardware Requirements look like?

Recommended specs (play at 30fps)
GPU: GeForce GTX 650
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.90GHz
System RAM: 8GB

Do I need to create an account to play the game?

Yes, you have to create an account to play Mines of Dalarnia. During account creation, you will set up a blockchain wallet to hold all of your tokens and NFTs.

Player progression

What tools/items do I use to progress in the game?

Mining Tool:

Mining Tools are used for digging within the mines. Stronger tools have the ability to destroy harder blocks and open up more mines for exploration. Rare mining tools may also grant the user additional perks.


Weapons are used to fight enemies. The more powerful and advanced the weapon is, the easier it is to defeat the monsters that inhabit the Dalarnian universe.

Armor Suit:

Armor provides defense against enemy attacks, as well as protection against various environmental effects. It also changes the look of the character.


Exos are similar to “accessories” in other games. They add perks and benefits to the characters attributes but only work in matching environment.


Cosmetic items change the appearance of the character and/or their equipment without changing underlying attributes.


The Canary follows the player around, alerting them to potential hazards and enemies. At higher levels, it gains the ability to return to the surface with materials to clear room in the miner’s pack. This ability can only be used once per mining run, and the canary will remain at the surface until the next run.

What consumables are available in the Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia will include different consumables that can be crafted using resources. At launch, the most valuable consumable will be ‘Terraforming Capsules’ which landowners must use in order to replenish their mining plots. Other consumables include a teleportation device that allows a miner to escape out of their run instantly, and a health pack which fully recharges a player’s health bar. A later update will introduce a consumable that recharges a player’s oxygen/light/heating/cooling unit.

Do my in-game tools and equipment require maintenance?

No. Equipment and tools do not degrade with use.

Is there any hazard in the game that can do damage to me?

Yes, there will be all kinds of different hazards within Mines of Dalarnia based on the mining plots Planet and Biome Type.

Can I earn achievements in the game?

Mines of Dalarnia will include Achievements and Tasks in a later update. At launch, these features will not be implemented.


What are the types of gameplay I can experience in the Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia offers two distinct Game Roles:


Miners access mining plots to gather resources and fight monsters in a sidescrolling-mining game.

Land Owners:

Land Owners own and manage Mining Plots that they lease for other players to mine within.

How do I control my character in the game?

Controls will change based on the players input device.


Keyboard/Mouse option

  • WASD to move
  • Keys to trigger abilities

Keyboard/Mouse option

  • WASD to move

Mouse Buttons to trigger abilities

Generic USB gamepad option

  • Joystick for movement
  • Button mapping for abilities

Can I pause during the game?

Yes, it will be possible to pause during the game.

How does the Mining Gameplay look in detail?

Mines of Dalarnia is a 2D sidescroller where the player controls a character. The character comes equipped with a tool that they can use to break blocks to mine and a weapon to fight enemies. Each level is procedurally generated with hazards (enemies, falling blocks, traps) and resources. During mining players fight monsters and destroy blocks of different qualities to get points which contribute to their high score. This high score determines the quality and quantity of resources and maybe even loot they receive after their mining session.

Player Objectives:

The player must collect as many resources as they can without dying. They can then convert these resources into equipment upgrades, cosmetic skins, and consumables.

Player Limitations:

Health bar

Mines of Dalarnia will include Achievements and Tasks in a later update. At launch, these features will not be implemented.Players have a certain amount of health. When their health bar reaches zero, their run is over. A player’s available health can be increased by certain armor and exo perks.


*This feature is not enabled at launch

In certain mines, this level will slowly deplete over time. If this level reaches zero, the player’s run ends. A player’s available OLHC level can be increased by certain armour and exo perks.

Mining Game Mechanics:

In the mines, players will not be able to see all of the screen. Some of the screen will be blacked out, simulating darkness. The strength of their light determines how far off in the distance they can see from the character’s position.

Gameplay Controls

Users can view and switch between various control layouts in the ‘Control Binds’ section of the in-game Settings menu.


Reduces incoming damage from enemies by a formula based on enemy attack value compared to the players defense rating.


Players collect resources by simply walking over them.


If a player dies before making it to an exit point, then they lose a percentage of their loot collected during that run.

Mindless exploration or the unideal upgrade path for a player may not net them great returns on some levels.


Pacing is not intense at first. Players have a sense of exploration and freedom to choose their own path down into the plot. It’s up to them if they want to rush to mine more, potentially missing opportunities, and risking death. They can also run out the clock at their own pace and do things a bit more strategic and thorough.

How does the Real-Estate Gameplay look in detail?

Players have the option of either buying or renting plots of land. Players that buy a land plot NFT claim ‘ownership’ of that plot, and can then rent it to others. They may also mine their own land for free, but doing so contributes to resource depletion on their plot. Renting plots is generally far cheaper than buying plots, but does not come with the benefits (and responsibility) of ownership. Players that rent a plot gain one time access to that plot by paying a fee denominated in DAR. This fee is paid to the owner of the plot.

Players that choose to rent a plot gain one time access to that plot (one run) for a small DAR fee (one time run through the procedurally generated level of said plot). This fee is paid to the owner of that plot.

Player Objectives:
Buying plots:

Landowners can generate revenue in the form of DAR tokens by renting their plots to other players. As a plot is mined, its resources are depleted and must be replenished using Terraforming Capsules.

Renting plots:

Renting plots is a cheaper alternative for players looking to progress through the mining game. Instead of buying every piece of land, players can mine a plot containing a specific resource at a fraction of the price. Players will be able to combine resources that they mine to craft a Terraforming Capsule. These consumables can then be sold for DAR to other players. Terraforming Capsules allow LAND owners to replenish their plots once they run out of resources.

Player Limitations:

A Plot has a specific amount of Resources per depth for miners. These resources deplete over time making a plot less intersting for miners. LAND Owners have to replenish resources by using terraforming capsules.

Player Mechanics:
Buying plots:

Plots will be sold during specific times at LAND sales on our website and can furthermore be traded on the marketplace.

Renting plots:

LAND Owner

A player can list their land plot for rent at a recommended price provided by an internal algorithm. With future updates we will allow LAND Owners to set the rent fee manually.


A player can rent a plot of land listed by another player on the marketplace. Miners can then go on 1 run through that plot’s procedurally generated level to gather rewards after mining.

There are no limits on simultaneous “miners” of a plot, like with an apartment in the real world. The game allows multiple miners to be performing runs on a rented plot at the same time (although players never see/encounter each other in the game)


LAND will be sold in lotteries with players having the option to stake DAR for getting a winning ticket.

How often will new plots appear to the market?

New Plots will be added at Planet Release Events.

Minor Planet Release Events:

Minor planet release events will occur as-needed when there is a need to expand the in-game real estate due to overpopulation. These events will involve adding new planet with new LANDs, containing existing terrains and resources.

Major Planet Release Events:

Major planet release events will occur when a new category of planet with new terrain types (ie. Ice World, Gas Giants, etc.) are introduced and will accompany a large-scale content update to the game. These Planet releases will add LANDs containing new resources, new craftable equipment, new terrains / biomes and even new depth tiers.
To keep older LANDs from devaluing as new content is released, sometimes new content tiers will be added to older planets as well. New features of existing LANDs will be “discovered” adding new resources and depth tiers.

Mine Types

What types of Mines are currently available in the game?

At launch Mines of Dalarnia will include Three planets (Terra Prime, Terra Simia, Terra Caldera) and one moon (Luna Praxis) of the Terra Type.

At launch the biomes are:

Attempting to dig those biomes with a mining tool not strong against that attribute will be difficult or even impossible.
Environmental Hazards will also match a biome type making the miners equipment selection critical for successful runs.

Can I replay the plot?

At the start of each mining run the layout of the level as well as enemy locations ad resource distribution will be generated randomly. Replaying the exact same plot is therefore not possible.

Minerals, collectibles, cosmetic items

What currency, NFT, skins, in-game items are available in the game?

These are the assets used within the games economy:

DAR Token:

Mines of Dalarnias native Token DAR is at the core of the game economy and utilized in several ways such as trading on the marketplace, renting mining plots or crafting equipment.


Equipment is needed to mine and fight monsters. It improves the characters attributes and makes even the most dangerous mining plots accessible.


Players are rewarded with resources after mining runs based on the terrain/biome type and the depth of the mining plot. Resources are needed for crafting Equipment and Consumables.


Consumables have very distinct use cases and can be used one time.


Cosmetics allow players to customize the look of their character without affecting the characters attributes.

What type of minerals can I collect?

At launch Mines of Dalarnia will include the following resources that players can collect:

Falun Copper:

Commonly found on Depth 1 of mining plots.

Iron Ore:

Rarely found on Depth 1 but commonly found on Depth 2 and Depth 3.

Silver Ore:

Rarely found on Depth 1 and Uncommonly on Depth 2 but commonly on Depth 3.


Never found on Depth 1, Rarely on Depth 2 and uncommonly on Depth 3.

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